Ben Turpin, BC-HIS

Hearing Specialist, hearing aids, champaign, il

Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences


"My name is Benjamin M. Turpin, and I am a Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist, and I fit hearing aids as well as counseling patients in better communication. I joined the Audibel team in September of 2006, after I learned from Jeff about what he did and how it helps people restore their confidence in themselves and improve their relationships. When I am successful, I am able to give my patients a greater ability to hear and participate in conversations with less anxiety and avoidance in social situations. This results in helping people to feel younger at heart and better about themselves in every situation. It gives me great personal satisfaction when I get to improve the quality of life of someone who has been suffering with an untreated hearing loss, sometimes for years.  Watching the personality of previously withdrawn people emerge gives me pride in my work. So if you want a seamless, hassle free environment to develop a strong one-on-one relationship with a hearing professional, you should come to Audibel where personal, caring attention for your hearing concerns is just our way."

Ben Turpin sees patients in the Champaign office.